5-1. Six leather masks in the shape of bears’ faces hang on the north wall. Each mask grants the wearer infravision.

Map of Level 5-A

5-2. Cistern of drinkable water–eight feet deep–on the west wall. Blankets, bedrolls, small fire pit, and chewed bones scattered around.

5-3. Gnawed bones, some from very large creatures. Shed black fur in places and claw marks on the walls.

5-4. Two cave bears. Among bones and scattered remains is a tarnished silver crown, worth 5,300sp, or double that to the right noble family.

5-5. Raised stone platform to the north. Multiple upturned barrels, stumps, logs, large rocks, gathered around as seats and benches.

5-6. Two trolls. Discarded bones and remains, including husks of bugmen and giant grasshoppers. Hollowed-out bear’s thigh bone contains cursed scroll–all magic items become extremely loud and monster-attracting.

5-7. One caecilla. 3,000sp, 1,500gp loose in the slime. Another 3,000sp, 1,500gp in the belly of the beast.

5-8. Fifteen bugbear cultists. Copper statue of large worm (6200cp).

5-9. Two cave bears. Ripped sack containing 5,700sp. Among the bones is a steel flask, still full of potent spirits, engraved with the name “Bongo”.

5-10. Three trolls. Platinum statue of a bear (500pp).

Map of Level 5-B

5-11. One pilferer. Crevice in west wall of cavern, filled with 2,500ep.

5-12. Troll banquet hall. Huge table made from dried husks of caecilla worms.

5-13. Caecilla tunnel. Activity in this area has an increasing chance of attracting 1-3 caecillas. Each will have treasure equal to 6d6 x 100gp in stomach. Small tunnel in southwest corner leads eventually to the surface.

5-14. Ancient tombs of sorcerers. Four wights, each in a tomb. If any tomb is disturbed, all will attack. Silver jewelry worth 5,700sp. Eastern tomb contains moonstone pendant. Anyone wearing it gets better at their primary ability. Trap door in ceiling to level 4.

5-15. Troll chieftain’s room. Four trolls, plus chieftain (who fights with a bonus). Chest with 2,400ep and a sword +1 (+2 vs. lycanthropes).

5-16. One cave bear. Jeweled belt worth 1,400gp lying on the ground discarded.

5-17. Crystal skeleton, the size of a hill giant, embedded into the southwest wall.

5-18. Eighteen gnolls, with a sack of 400pp. There are bushes in the southeast corner of the chamber with bright blue berries. Eating them produces frenzied strength for one hour, but lassitude afterward.

Map of Level 5-D

5-19. One ochre jelly, crawling out of the underground river to the east. Decaying trunk in river, containing 5,800sp. The river, flowing north to south, leads from the surface to the underground sea.

5-20. Temple to worm-headed god. Eight evil curates. Jeweled silver drinking flasks worth 5,600sp. Non-evil creatures suffer a penalty here.

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