4-23. Armory. Five gnolls. Piles of looted weapons and armor, in a wide variety of conditions. Finely worked helmet, inlaid with precious metals, worth 600gp.

4-24. Floor covered with sticky mud. Movement will be slowed to a crawl. Crude shelves along the southeast wall hold many bottles full of pungent oils.

4-25. Obsidian pyramid in southwest corner, surrounded by offerings of meat and food. Trying to move the pyramid results in a rock-slide.

4-26. Slippery slime coats the floor. Difficult to traverse. 50% chance of a gray ooze being present.

4-27. Gnoll camp. Thirteen gnolls plus a gnoll leader (tougher, with better armor). 2000cp, 5000gp, stored in a barrel.

4-28. Store room. Boxes and barrels of trade goods the gnolls have stolen and plan to sell. Six gnolls with a displacer beast. Sack with 1700ep under bolts of cloth in a box.

4-29. Statue of four-eyed gnoll. Each eye is a ruby worth 2500gp. Removing an eye will trigger a curse, causing the defiler to become deaf and mute until the ruby is returned.

4-30. Four gnolls, four trained carrion crawlers. 350pp in bribe money in a stone jar next to the trap door in the floor.

A complete map of Level 4:

Map of Level 4

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