Map of Level 4-C

4-16. Filled with dense, regenerating brambles. If they can be dealt with in some way, there is an electrum statue of a dryad (1650ep) in the northern corner and a chest with 800gp in the southern corner.

4-17. Cyclops cavern. Series of terraces leading down into large cavern. Large forest of cave plants visible to the south. Two cyclopes and six giant goats. Cyclopes wear gold torcs worth 550gp each.

4-18. Spy camp. Old fire pit, gnawed bones, shredded bedding sack, indications that someone has been camping here. This is a spy outpost for the gnolls.

4-19. Pasture. One cyclops and twelve giant goats. Five enormous wineskins of highly potent wine.

Map of Level 4-D

4-20. Burial mounds. A few coins scattered in the dirt. Careless excavation will cause the mounds to collapse, burying the excavators. One mound contains of bag of devouring. Another contains a bow +1.

4-21. Cyclops outpost. Four cyclopes. Six giant goats. Plenty of strong wine and feta cheese. 11,000 gp,

4-22. Nineteen gnoll guards. One gnoll captain, with chain mail +1 and a wand of enemy detection.

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