Dungeon32, Week 31 – Halls of the Evil Dwarves

8-1. Meeting hall of the colony of evil dwarves. Ten evil dwarves and a captain. Captain has a sword +1.

8-2. Prison cells. Six evil dwarf guards. Prisoners include a captive princess, a merchant, and a talking toad.

Map of Level 8-A

8-3. Workshop. Tools and workbenches along west wall.

8-4. Ten evil dwarves. Chests of unrefined gold worth 2,200gp.

8-5. Several dead, mummified, giant spiders hang from the ceiling.

8-6. Feasting hall of the evil dwarves. 27 evil dwarves, plus an evil dwarf king, with a flaming sword. Treasure stored under the throne: Five diamonds (4,000gp each).

Painting a Thing

Painting: of a tree, by a loon

I ended up at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival a couple of weeks ago, so I took some pictures for painting reference.

Dungeon23, Week 30 – The Collapsed Necropolis

Map of Level 7-C

7-24. Empty guard room. Discarded armor and weapons, all highly rusted. The phrase “127+9” is chalked on the wall.

7-25. Oval of tall, menhir-shaped boulders. Standing inside the oval, it’s possible to hear quiet voices whispering and the sound of distant funereal chanting.

7-26. A cage of magical force imprisons a wizard. He carries nineteen 100gp gems.

Map of Level 7-D

7-27. Funerary temple to salamander god. Pressure plate by north door will cause a steel plate to seal the door, and water to fill the temple from above.

7-28. Ghoul colony with 22 ghouls. Looted burial items totaling 6,100sp and 6,800cp.

7-29. Yellow mold covers a sarcophagus. It contains 500pp.

7-30. Tomb of the priestess of the goddess of peace. Anyone who craws a weapon in this room will be cursed. Sarcophagus contains a shield +1, a scroll with a healing spell, and a potion of gaseous form.

Happy Little Houses

Watercolor painting by a lunatic.

I’ve been painting like crazy recently. (Or, perhaps more accurately, “I’ve been painting like a crazy person recently.”)

Dungeon23, Weeks 28-29 – The Shark Temple

Map of Level 7-B

7-9. Funerary temple. Living statue of two-faced crocodile god in front of the altar. Dish of water on the altar contains a ring of water walking floating on the surface.

7-10. Two grey oozes block the corridor south. A crystal tube by the north door contains a scroll of five wizard spells.

7-11. Pit trap in front of door leads to 10′ pit infested with stinging beetles. Ten sarcophagi, no treasure.

7-12. Two tombs of high priests. Both contain mummies. One has pectoral (6,000gp) and armband (2,00gp), and the other has jeweled belt (6,000gp).

7-13. Embalming room. Putrid, poisonous fumes. One black pudding. Potions of fire resistance and flying.

7-14. Looted sarcophagi. Brass mirror on the west wall, if cleaned, will function as a commune spell.

7-15. Six sarcophagi, each containing a wraith. Each sarcophagus contains 2-3 gems (100gp each)

7-16. Smashed furniture and crockery. Bones on the floor, many with ends dissolved by acid. The word “Gronark” scrawled on the wall with charcoal.

7-17. Two sarcophagi with mummies. False bottoms in each sarcophagus hides 3,500sp each.

7-18. Statue of a Type I Demon, wearing a gold crown (1,700gp). Removing the crown will cause the statue to transform into an actual demon.

Map of Level 7-C

7-19. Burned remains of coffins. Four shadows. Desiccated remains of unlucky thief on floor, including leather armor +2.

7-20. Wet staircase and floor. Webbed footprints. (Stair switches back halfway down.) Statue of shark-headed god, with secret door behind.

7-21. Four shark-headed men (treat as minotaurs). Chest of 3,400ep. Wall in north corner is broken through to the passage beyond.

7-22. Meditation room. Vivid hieroglyphs on the walls. Stepping on the pressure plate in the north corridor activated a sliding wall that cuts off the corridor.

Dungeon23, Week 27 – Necropolis

Map of Level 7-A
Six months in, and my maps are still “charmingly retro.”

7-1. Necropolis room. Funerary inscriptions on walls. Stone sarcophagus on east wall. Sarcophagus has been opened and is empty. (The map shows a trap door in the floor. That should be in the ceiling.)

7-2. Ablutions room. Continually refreshing basin of water on west wall. Bathing in water produces a temporary bonus against the undead.

7-3. Metal drainage grates in the floor. Smell of ammonia. Otherwise empty.

7-4. Sarcophagus of rotten wood. Inside is a colony of green slime. Contains highly tarnished copper and silver jewelry worth 6,300sp and 6,200cp.

7-5. Two gray oozes. A plastered-over niche in the wall contains five pieces of jewelry, each worth 5,000gp.

7-6. Mirrored walls reflect intruders as mummies and other undead creatures.

7-7. Two spectres, each in a sarcophagus. One sarcophagus contains a magic sword that does double damage to undead, but weakens whoever wields it.

7-8. Funerary temple. Two carrion crawlers. Silver ritual dishes on south altar worth 7,000sp.

Dungeon23, Week 26 – The Islands

Map of Level 6-D

6-25. Island enshrouded in permanent mist. Algae-encrusted path leads to a small circular temple.

6-26. Ceremonial display of ancient weapons, tarnished with moisture and stained with blood. Anyone who picks one up will be cursed with berserk rage and blood lust.

6-27. Hidden camp of halfling hero/thief. Among the loot is a silver mermaid statue worth 6,200sp.

6-28. Stone building sheltering a small crystal statue on a pedestal. Pendulum scythe triggered by a plate in the floor. Magic missile fired at whoever lifts the statue from the pedestal. Statue is valueless rock crystal.

Map of Level 6-E

6-29. Stone building contains an armory, haunted by ghosts of lake guardians.

6-30. Two carrion crawlers. Among the detritus is a platinum ceremonial helmet (worth 450pp). Further islands and adventure locations await deeper into the vast underground lake.

The Lost Catacombs of Som-Eguy, Level 6

Map of Dungeon Level 6

Dungeon23, Week 25 – The Waterfront

Map of Level 6-C

6-18. Funerary temple. Small chapel with several empty coffins. Echoing sounds of ghostly footsteps.

6-19. Crypt of the high priests. Several sarcophagi of former high priests, marred by scorch marks. Statues of lake-elf gods in the corners. Chain lightning trap if the sarcophagi are tampered with.

6-20. Storage room. Six giant weasels nesting here. Hidden among the stacked litters and tools is a platinum crown of an ancient high priest (worth 400pp).

6-21. Meeting hall of the lake-elf outpost. Benches for seating, and a raised table for the elders along the north wall. In a box under the table is a copy of the history of the outpost, and a scroll of charm person.

6-22. Fishing warehouse and docks. Two lords waiting for secret meeting. One has a sword +1, the other has chainmail +1 and a shield +1.

6-23. Fishermen’s tavern. Mermaid figurehead mounted on the wall will bestow temporary clairvoyance if sufficient offering of drink is made.

6-24. Island enshrouded in permanent mist. Set of solid bronze manacles attached to the rock facing the channel between the islands.