Dungeon23, Week 24 – The Hidden Temple

Map of Level 6-B

6-11. Vestry. One Bishop of Unentiq (secretly evil) and two robed assistants (actually doppelgangers). The bishop wears chainmail +2, and there is a potion of levitation among the chalices and ritual items. Doors to the north and west are locked. The bishop carries the key.

6-12. Bishop’s chamber. Bed, armoire, desk, large chest, etc. Chest has a poison needle trap in the lock and contains 6,400sp and 6,200cp. Secret door behind the tapestry on south wall.

6-13. Hidden temple to the worm-headed god. Sinister worm-related carvings on the walls.

6-14. Antechamber. Purple robes on hooks. Silver basins full of slime (basins worth 7,000sp). Three shadows. Planks to bridge the pit in the hall.

6-15. Two evil lords. One has a ring of protection +2. Chest of tribute, containing 5,300sp.

Map of Level 6-C

6-16. Dockside warehouse. One black pudding lurking in a back corner. Two lake-elf guards outside. Trade goods worth 4,000gp. Wet, slippery stairs at the south end of the beach lead down to Level 7.

6-17. Lake island. Steps leading up to peak-roofed, columned funerary temple.

Dungeon23, Week 23 – Trading Post

6-4. Warehouse. Boxes and crates of trade goods, belonging to various merchants and guilds. Ten lake elf guards, and various merchants attending to their stores. Total value of goods approximately 4,500gp.

6-5. Inn. Variety of patrons. Like the lake-elf settlement in general, the inn is neutral ground for various groups that would otherwise be hostile. Usually 3d6 patrons and a handful of staff present.

6-6. Museum. Variety of exhibits (artistic and scientific) relating to the underground realm. If given a command word by the curator, five monster skeletons will animate and attack. (Treat as ogres, with special resistances of skeletons.)

6-7. Sage. Friendly and informative sage with knowldege of the catacombs. Will offer extensive treasures in exchance for fact-finding missions. Treasures include: sword +2 (dragon slayer), wand of cold, potions of flying and invisibility.

6-8. Guard post. Tunnel to the west leads to more distant underground realms. Eight lake-elf guards on duty.

Map of Level 6-B

6-9. Marketplace. Various tents and booths. Contents and vendors change regularly. Many lake-elves and visitors present.

6-10. Temple of Unentiq, the mythical ancestor of the lake-elves. Temple is built into the side of the cave. Ten lake-elves and other good-aligned visitors. Door to the south is locked. The high priest carries the key.

Dungeon23, Week 22 – Down to Lake-Town

Map of Level 5-C

5-28. Cult chamber. Two evil bishops in purple robes with symbols showing a worm eating its own tail.

5-29. Treasure Room. Chests with 3,200gp, 4,300sp, magic shield with a map incised on the inner side, and a snake-shaped talisman that increases the potency of wizard spells.

5-30. Worm cult temple. Altar on south wall. Two stone statues of coiled worms on either side. Will come to life and attack anyone not wearing the symbols from room 28. (They attack as stone golems.)

5-31. Two trolls, with five bugbear prisoners. Various cooking implements, including large stew pot. One troll has highly tarnished silver belt worth 5,900sp.

Complete Map of Level 5
Map of Level 6-A

6-1. Caravan enclosure. Part of the subterranean lake elves’ complex. A place for traveling merchants to tie up their beasts and leave their cargoes under guard. Ten lake elf guards. 1d6 caravans (pulled by various underground beasts) tied up at any given time.

6-2. Caravan offices. Various lake elves, including five guards. New arrivals are expected to pay a modest toll.

Dungeon23, Week 21 – The Worm Den

Map of Level 5-D

5-21. Wooden statue of bear-headed god. Moving the statue causes a javelin trap to fire from the crevice behind it. Crevice contains chest of 5,200sp, a scroll with cure serious wounds x3, and a ring of reverse gravity.

5-22. One caecilla. Several shattered fragments of huge eggs. Bones and refuse contain a potion of heroism.

5-23. Cairn of stones. Buried inside is a skeleton in chainmail, with a sword +1.

5-24. Three cave bears. An iron trunk contains 5,700cp.

5-25. Caecilla den. Three caecillas. Numerous broken and unbroken eggs in the water to the north. Piled around the eggs are 1,000cp, 1,000sp, 3,000gp, ruby (100gp), emerald (50gp), enameled gold necklace (1,100gp).

Map of Level 5-C

5-26. Three trolls. Clay jar with 5,300sp.

5-27. Four wraiths. Statue of rat-headed man, with secret door behind it. 2,900ep buried under statue.

Dungeon23, Weeks 18, 19, 20 – The Worm Tunnels

5-1. Six leather masks in the shape of bears’ faces hang on the north wall. Each mask grants the wearer infravision.

Map of Level 5-A

5-2. Cistern of drinkable water–eight feet deep–on the west wall. Blankets, bedrolls, small fire pit, and chewed bones scattered around.

5-3. Gnawed bones, some from very large creatures. Shed black fur in places and claw marks on the walls.

5-4. Two cave bears. Among bones and scattered remains is a tarnished silver crown, worth 5,300sp, or double that to the right noble family.

5-5. Raised stone platform to the north. Multiple upturned barrels, stumps, logs, large rocks, gathered around as seats and benches.

5-6. Two trolls. Discarded bones and remains, including husks of bugmen and giant grasshoppers. Hollowed-out bear’s thigh bone contains cursed scroll–all magic items become extremely loud and monster-attracting.

5-7. One caecilla. 3,000sp, 1,500gp loose in the slime. Another 3,000sp, 1,500gp in the belly of the beast.

5-8. Fifteen bugbear cultists. Copper statue of large worm (6200cp).

5-9. Two cave bears. Ripped sack containing 5,700sp. Among the bones is a steel flask, still full of potent spirits, engraved with the name “Bongo”.

5-10. Three trolls. Platinum statue of a bear (500pp).

Map of Level 5-B

5-11. One pilferer. Crevice in west wall of cavern, filled with 2,500ep.

5-12. Troll banquet hall. Huge table made from dried husks of caecilla worms.

5-13. Caecilla tunnel. Activity in this area has an increasing chance of attracting 1-3 caecillas. Each will have treasure equal to 6d6 x 100gp in stomach. Small tunnel in southwest corner leads eventually to the surface.

5-14. Ancient tombs of sorcerers. Four wights, each in a tomb. If any tomb is disturbed, all will attack. Silver jewelry worth 5,700sp. Eastern tomb contains moonstone pendant. Anyone wearing it gets better at their primary ability. Trap door in ceiling to level 4.

5-15. Troll chieftain’s room. Four trolls, plus chieftain (who fights with a bonus). Chest with 2,400ep and a sword +1 (+2 vs. lycanthropes).

5-16. One cave bear. Jeweled belt worth 1,400gp lying on the ground discarded.

5-17. Crystal skeleton, the size of a hill giant, embedded into the southwest wall.

5-18. Eighteen gnolls, with a sack of 400pp. There are bushes in the southeast corner of the chamber with bright blue berries. Eating them produces frenzied strength for one hour, but lassitude afterward.

Map of Level 5-D

5-19. One ochre jelly, crawling out of the underground river to the east. Decaying trunk in river, containing 5,800sp. The river, flowing north to south, leads from the surface to the underground sea.

5-20. Temple to worm-headed god. Eight evil curates. Jeweled silver drinking flasks worth 5,600sp. Non-evil creatures suffer a penalty here.

Dungeon23, Week 17 – The Gnoll Caves

4-23. Armory. Five gnolls. Piles of looted weapons and armor, in a wide variety of conditions. Finely worked helmet, inlaid with precious metals, worth 600gp.

4-24. Floor covered with sticky mud. Movement will be slowed to a crawl. Crude shelves along the southeast wall hold many bottles full of pungent oils.

4-25. Obsidian pyramid in southwest corner, surrounded by offerings of meat and food. Trying to move the pyramid results in a rock-slide.

4-26. Slippery slime coats the floor. Difficult to traverse. 50% chance of a gray ooze being present.

4-27. Gnoll camp. Thirteen gnolls plus a gnoll leader (tougher, with better armor). 2000cp, 5000gp, stored in a barrel.

4-28. Store room. Boxes and barrels of trade goods the gnolls have stolen and plan to sell. Six gnolls with a displacer beast. Sack with 1700ep under bolts of cloth in a box.

4-29. Statue of four-eyed gnoll. Each eye is a ruby worth 2500gp. Removing an eye will trigger a curse, causing the defiler to become deaf and mute until the ruby is returned.

4-30. Four gnolls, four trained carrion crawlers. 350pp in bribe money in a stone jar next to the trap door in the floor.

A complete map of Level 4:

Map of Level 4

Dungeon23, Week 16 – The Cyclops Fort

Map of Level 4-C

4-16. Filled with dense, regenerating brambles. If they can be dealt with in some way, there is an electrum statue of a dryad (1650ep) in the northern corner and a chest with 800gp in the southern corner.

4-17. Cyclops cavern. Series of terraces leading down into large cavern. Large forest of cave plants visible to the south. Two cyclopes and six giant goats. Cyclopes wear gold torcs worth 550gp each.

4-18. Spy camp. Old fire pit, gnawed bones, shredded bedding sack, indications that someone has been camping here. This is a spy outpost for the gnolls.

4-19. Pasture. One cyclops and twelve giant goats. Five enormous wineskins of highly potent wine.

Map of Level 4-D

4-20. Burial mounds. A few coins scattered in the dirt. Careless excavation will cause the mounds to collapse, burying the excavators. One mound contains of bag of devouring. Another contains a bow +1.

4-21. Cyclops outpost. Four cyclopes. Six giant goats. Plenty of strong wine and feta cheese. 11,000 gp,

4-22. Nineteen gnoll guards. One gnoll captain, with chain mail +1 and a wand of enemy detection.

Dungeon23, Week 15 – The Underground Forest

Map of Level 4-B

4-9. Gnoll baths. 10 gnolls. Bubbling, sulfurous hot spring in south of cave. At the far end, half-submerged, is an electrum statue of a dryad (1850ep). Trap door in ceiling.

4-10. Underground forest – East. Large tree with sword jammed deep into the trunk. Removing the sword (which is covered with runes, but otherwise normal) will cause the tree limbs to flail wildly and attack until the sword is replaced.

4-11. Underground forest – Center. Assembly area. Rock-lined fire pit, surrounded by log benches.

4-12. Underground forest – West. Flowering trees and roses. Three dryads and six rose zombies. Cache of 1800ep in a rotting bag under a heap of compost.

Map of Level 4-C

4-13. Underground forest – South. Gnoll skulls on sticks, twined with creeping roses. They surround a stone-bordered pool. Drinking grants the speak with plants ability, once per day.

4-14. Fifteen gnoll guards (five with bows). Toll barrel with 4200 cp.

4-15. Weasel den. Two giant weasels. Two potions of gaseous form among the litter of bones and debris near the secret door.

Dungeon23, Week 14 – The Dryad Caverns

Map of Level 4-A

4-2. Densely-packed pine grove. Two dryads. Beneath one of the tree roots is a bag with 1000sp, 5000, 1 small ruby (10gp).

4-3. Dryad throne room. Stone columns and many trees. Multiple dryads, as well as the dryad queen.

4-4. Two cyclopes. [If too tough, treat all cyclopes as ogres.] Sacks of gold dust (5600gp).

4-5. Cave with extensive carvings and paintings on the walls, depicting an unknown bug-headed civilization. Two bishops, one has a mace +1, and the other has a shield +1.

Map of Level 4-B

4-6. Filled with a lush jungle of subterranean plants. Prolonged searching will turn up a small amount of gold dust (30gp) in the farthest corner.

4-7. Thorny rose bushes, growing through skeletal remains. Will rise up and attack as 15 rose zombies. Thorn-wrapped chest full of 1000gp.

4-8. Underground forest – North. Four rose zombies stand guard over a stone monument. A compartment in the monument holds a lead casket with a scroll of protection from undead.